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Your digital marketing agency has an important role beyond developing your site, administering users and configuration, and managing the content. But, if they’re not talking to you about a long-term site maintenance plan, you’re missing out on a crucial element of your site’s safety and effectiveness.

The best-known reason to keep on top of website maintenance is security. Getting hacked is always a danger. The security breaches come in a range of forms from mining Bitcoin, stealing bandwidth and spam campaigns. A site that doesn’t have regular security upgrades will have insecure coding and outdated modules and therefore will be at higher risk of getting hacked.

Don’t want your website to crash? If you aren’t maintaining your website at some point, something is going to crash. Apart from hackers, you’re at risk of outdated technical aspects causing a crash when faced with new technical demands on the web. Search engines can also see if a website has a lot of technical problems, causing them to rank you lower.

Think of your website in terms of an actual brick on mortar store. If the store’s design is old fashioned, difficult to find your way around, and crammed with outdated stock, you’re not going to want to spend your dollars there. The same goes for an online experience. You want your site to give users the impression that you’re on top of technology, innovative, and willing to invest in providing the latest features and functionality to your website to provide them with an excellent online experience.

Another role of website maintenance is backing up all of your website’s files. If you don’t back up, you may find you’d have to rebuild your entire website if it is hit with a disaster. Backing up monthly is probably sufficient for a standard site, but if you have an online store, or content and images that are changed regularly, then backing up more frequently will be critical.

We’ve all had the experience of visiting a site that takes too long to upload, so we bounce and go somewhere else. Low website speed not only loses you eyeballs when search engines pick up that your bounce rate is high, but it’ll also impact your rankings negatively. If your web team has a maintenance plan in place for your website, they’ll regularly review your site speed and rectify whatever is causing the slower load.

Google checks for old technologies and coding practices and penalises sites that use them by showing them much further down any search rankings. Plus, the more you update your website, the more search engines will raise your rankings. If you’re investing in Search Engine Optimisation, you need to be maintaining your website to maximise its effects.

If SEO is to work, it’s a continuous effort, not a one-off task. SEO maintenance is an integral part of website maintenance. If you’re not adhering to ongoing site maintenance and optimisation, you will lose your organic visibility in the search results. Search Engine Optimisation best practices continuously change. With ongoing site maintenance and SEO, you improve what you have done before, such as enhancing your content, or linking relevant pages to each other in your site.

To avoid all of these issues, you need a website maintenance company on your team. These are some of the other things your agency will perform as part of a maintenance plan:
Check your pages are displaying correctly on new versions of web browsers and mobile devices, and loading correctly without errors.
Check that all the links and contact forms are working correctly. The same goes for contact information, social media icons, and other crucial information that allows viewers to get in touch with you.
They will ensure it is optimised for smartphones and tablets, which again affects your SEO.
Update website software and plugins.
Remove spam comments from pages and posts.
Search for errors and fix or redirect.
Publish blog posts to keep your readers engaged and encourage SEO traffic.
Analyse website statistics and advise you on your website strategy accordingly.
Review SEO, meta titles and descriptions to make sure they are still effective.
Ensure your website domain name is renewed.

So, you can see why website maintenance is important. Whether it’s security, safety, site speed, or SEO performance, adhering to regular maintenance practices is a priority if you want to ensure your site and, ultimately, your business is successful.

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