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With the start of a new year, now is the perfect time to make sure that you spearhead your local SEO efforts and get the benefit of year-end related searches. To drive home the point, our team at Digital Instyle has prepared the top five reasons why you should be focused on local SEO this year ‒ trust the SEO experts Sydney to give you the inside scoop.

Reason One: Mobile Device Use

Your local customers are using their mobile devices to search for and find what they are looking for. If you have not optimised your website to be mobile compatible and responsive, then chances are you are losing out on the customers near you that want to search for a business near them. Use both local SEO and mobile compatibility to make sure they don’t go to the competition.

Reason Two: Google Updates

Google recently introduced additional functionality such as continuous scroll on mobile devices that will greatly affect visibility and traffic on mobile devices. Make sure you take these updates into account and combine great local SEO with function to target the clients that matter most: the ones almost on your doorstep.

Reason Three: Your Customers Like Using Maps

Your customers want to know how to find you and when you use strong local SEO backed by ensuring that your GPS is optimised to appear in maps, then you are more likely to appear in their recommendations, the top rankings of their local search results, and therefore also more likely to be their first choice!

Reason Four: Relatable And Searchable Video Content

Your potential clients want to see great content. The two main requirements for them will be for content to be relatable (in other words, based on your local SEO) and searchable (make sure it is mobile compatible!). Without good local SEO and functionality, you will lose the opportunity to reach your audience.

Reason Five: Every Component Matters

When the Google search crawlers scan through your website, they will check every single component for relevancy to the user search. In other words, you should optimise every component, including images, tags, and descriptions for your client’s local SEO keyword search.

Make sure your local SEO is in good order this new year with SEO experts in Sydney from Digital Instyle.