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SEO for lead generation

Are you tired of your website not receiving the organic traffic you hope to receive? If this is what you’re going through, it could be that your search engine optimisation (SEO) is falling short.

SEO is an essential aspect of ensuring your business is seen by its target audience in a competitive online space. And SEO can prove to be tricky to master due to trends that are constantly changing year by year, which work to filter out spammy, low-quality content from the stuff people want to see, engage with, and share.

However, if you want to achieve business success in 2022, keeping up with the latest SEO trends is integral to your journey. And regardless of your business size and industry, you will benefit from understanding a few essential SEO methods to aid business growth and development.

Below, our Sydney SEO experts look at some of the ways any business can do this for improved lead generation in 2022.

Become Mobile-Friendly First

First and foremost, it is essential to ensure that you have optimised your website for mobile access for an improved website ranking.

In 2019, Google developed a mobile-first indexing system that refers to search engines primarily looking at the website mobile version to establish a ranking rather than its desktop version.

Why? Because globally, more than half of the internet traffic comes from mobile devices, making this the primary access point and thus the most crucial space to optimise your website for access.
Luckily, Google makes it straightforward to optimise your website for mobile with their free mobile-friendly testing and usability report.

Prioritise High-Quality Content

Crafting immaculate, well-researched content on your website is essential for improving your website ranking on search engines. When formulating your content, you should keep E-A-T in mind (which we will explain in a moment), be free of grammatical and spelling errors, and be longer in form.

But what is E-A-T, and why should you keep this in mind when building content to publish on your website? E-A-T represents the following ideas:

Expertise – you must craft content that is valuable and insightful to the reader.
Authoritativeness – include information from established sources and links to pages that back up your findings and research.
Trustworthiness – include information about the author to instil a sense of trust in the reader.

Google considers all this information when deciding how to rank your website on its platform. Therefore, you should prioritise these points, especially if your goal is to position yourself as an industry leader and an expert among your competitors.

When formulating any content in the form of blog posts, newsletters, or product descriptions, ensure that you’re using correct grammar and that your paragraphs are well-articulated and divided into easy-to-read sections with headings and subheadings. There are several free online tools, such as Grammarly, to help you improve your writing and spot errors, so there is no excuse for poorly written content.

Moreover, consider the length of the post. Google favours content-rich websites – meaning that the more total words on your website, the better (consider writing 500-1000 words per blog article) while keeping E-A-T in mind always!

Understanding User Intent Is Essential

Understanding what your user is feeling and thinking before they search for anything online is crucial regarding optimising your website to be more visible over and above your competition.

Creating a customer profile before crafting your content will aid in creating content that people want to engage with and share. Understanding their wants and needs and focusing on your target audience rather than talking about your brand will yield better long-term results and effectively engage the reader.

It is essential to include relevant phrases in every piece of your content – blogs, product descriptions, headings and meta descriptions. To put your keywords and phrases to the test regarding user intent, type your phrase or word into the Google search box and analyse the results. How many hits did you get? Are you being specific enough? Doing this will aid in weaning out the high-search keywords and phrases, offering you a clear perspective on which words and phrases to include in your content.

Implement Voice Search

If you could use your voice to search for anything on search engines, would you bother typing ever again?

Voice search is a relatively new technology that has become one of the latest SEO trends to emerge this year and is predicted to grow enormously in 2022. As this technology becomes more intuitive, the user will grow more comfortable using it and will likely lean on it more prominently than typing anything to search.

A great starting point in implementing this AI-based technology is to focus on the FAQ section of your business and use this information to integrate and optimise voice search to anticipate and answer these questions for your target customers. Furthermore, prioritise mobile optimisation for your search including, long-tail keywords, the skeletal structure of grasping user intent.

For online success in 2022, staying ahead of SEO trends is more than creating short-form
articles stuffed with keywords with no real value. For the best result, focus on optimising your website by adding value to your brand with high-quality, consistent, relevant content.

Conduct market research, taking note of what your competitors are doing to rank highly on search engines. Consider implementing a strategy that borrows from these blogging methods, social media usage, user experience, customer reviews, and other factors that help position them online as leaders in their industry.

For expert assistance with building an SEO strategy for improved lead generation in 2022, contact our team at Digital Instyle. Get in touch today!