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Is your business looking to attract local leads and repeat customers in its local area? Have you considered focusing your marketing efforts on local SEO strategies?

No matter the area, thousands (if not millions) of local searches happen every day. With the advancement of technology in the last decade, it is easier than ever to search any topic, anywhere, at any time, and discover extensive lists answering these queries. An example may include: “best law firm in Sydney” In this case, a few ideas will appear. However, the law firms with the best SEO (search engine optimisation) will rank the highest on the first page of the search engine results.

But how do brands achieve great quality SEO for organic search, and what other benefits does this implementing this practice offer?

One of the main routes that business owners can take is with Google My Business – a reliable, affordable, and straightforward method of building credibility in an ocean of online competition. If you want your local target audience to find you when they perform a search directly related to your business, harnessing local SEO with the help of Google My Business will get you there.

We discuss this further below.

Google My Business For Credibility

Google My Business (GMB) is a powerful free tool created by Google to help brands with physical stores create a more credible online profile upon search. This means that when an online user searches for a topic relating to your business, your GMB information will appear, including a map to direct consumers to your location and other crucial information such as company name, contact number, operating hours, and customer reviews. And if your business is not there, your prospects may turn somewhere else.

Implementing GMB with up-to-date information will exponentially improve your SEO for various reasons. Online users commonly avoid scrolling further than the first page of any search engine. And if your brand appears front and centre (technically on the right-hand side of the search engine results page), your website will improve its click rate, and therefore, improve your local SEO. You must ensure that your Google My Business stays updated with customer reviews. Not only does this boost the quality of your SEO, but it also proves your credibility to future customers thinking to purchase your goods or services.

Furthermore, GMB includes Google Map integration, making it easier to find your business on the most popular world map and directions map. This accessibility and transparency offer consumers a sense of ease, ensuring that they will surely be led to your physical location.

Local Strategies Build Community

One of the most pressing challenges for local businesses and consumers is to keep the local economy alive and thriving. A fantastic way to achieve that is to ensure that your business is visible to this community upon search.
Another reliable method to build community is to make connections with other local businesses. If your brand can create backlinks with other local brands, you will find that mutual support breeds improved local business traffic. By referring your online users to alternative local service-providing businesses in the area, they will likely return the same support instead of letting consumers turn to further away online alternatives.

Increased Organic Foot Traffic

Regardless of how digital the business landscape has become, the importance of keeping physical stores alive and breathing is hard to argue. And a critical aspect of achieving this is through consistent foot traffic that covers every overhead and delivers profit.

For example, if an online user searches for a reliable electrician company in Brisbane, businesses offering this service in Brisbane will want to appear among the top hits and outrank their competition. And this is especially true because nowadays, consumers usually do some research before travelling to a physical store.

For the best possible results, ensure that your website is up-to-date, easy to navigate, the loading speed is under 2-3 seconds, and most importantly, is optimised for mobile access. Content marketing also plays a vital role in the quality of your SEO. You should create authentic, creative content that engages your audience and directly targets questions they may have about topics correlating to your offering. This content can come in many forms. However, it is crucial to keep things diverse with blog posts, imagery, social media posts, and video, to name just a few.

Last of all, utilising the right keywords and longtail key phrases in all of your content will help your brand stay relevant to the niche interested in the product or service that your brand provides.
Increased organic foot traffic will help you secure more sales and aid in successfully maintaining the business and its appearance online.

Reduce Ad Spend

When a business first establishes itself online, likely, it relies heavily on paid advertising to be seen online and generate leads. However, with the help of current SEO tactics and strategies, businesses can now cultivate organic traffic through simple user search queries.

Target audiences tend to trust the organic results more than the paid ads. It evokes credibility and, therefore, improves the number of website visitors your business receives. Using local SEO practices help your ad requirements decrease and get more bang for your bunk from your digital marketing efforts. Furthermore, building a solid ranking on the Google SERP (search engine results page) will allow your site to generate free advertisement, which will improve valuable clicks and traffic significantly more than paid ads.

Are you ready to dominate your market? Digital Instyle can help you rise above your competition in local search results with SEO and Google My Business. So, if you are tired of waiting and are ready to get started, get in touch with us today!