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Most of the time, people underestimate the value of getting website maintenance and that’s okay since not everyone is aware that their websites need maintenance. Providing your website maintenance depends on service and what specific you’d like to get for your website.

Throughout this article, you’ll get a better understanding of the timeframe recommended for website maintenance, what will happen if you don’t undergo your website maintenance and who’s the recommended professional digital marketing agency in Sydney that’s responsible and reliable. Continue reading.

When To Get Website Maintenance?

Truth be told, there is no right or wrong answer. Website maintenance should be provided depending upon the service you’d like. Some website maintenance services should be done yearly, others weekly, quarterly and in some cases, daily. For example,


Yearly maintenance should include program support. Yearly, you get a professional to check for:

  • Databases
  • Programs
  • and links 

The digital marketing agency performing your website’s maintenance should be able to check for program compatibility, broken links, and for your databases in order to ensure the best and smoothest website possible.


If your site relies or was built on WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, or any similar Content Management Sites, it’s best to get maintenance weekly. If you also have an online store, it’s best if you also get maintenance weekly. However, depending on how much you want to ensure customer satisfaction, you could get website maintenance more often.

Lastly, SEO. If your site has SEO as part of its marketing plan or strategy, it’s recommended to get it monthly but weekly is much better for you.


Some websites don’t need constant maintenance but getting monthly maintenance ensures everything remains normal. 

For instance, many digital marketing agencies find that checking their website transformation rate meaning adopting digital marketing strategies to ensure being ranked first in google consistently gives a considerably more helpful picture than a week after week checkups do.

What Happens When You Don’t Get Website Maintenance 

  • Your website is more prone to be hacked.
  • There will be broken links.
  • Your customers might not enjoy their browsing experience as much.
  • Your SEO strategies might not work properly.
  • Your website could look “spammy.”
  • There will be no security over your website. As information can be breached, no one will be able to trust your website.
  • It’ll be difficult to find your website online.

Don’t Miss Out And Have A Stylish Website

Having a great website is a constant competence. Regardless of where you are located, your website is seen by countless people all over the world, therefore, having website maintenance is key to ensure customers and viewers that will recommend your website to others.

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