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If you have a website or you’re considering getting one, there’s one thing you need to keep in mind: maintenance. Even websites need maintenance every once in a while.

Throughout this article, you’ll find reasons why website maintenance is important and what would happen if it doesn’t undergo maintenance from time to time, plus who to contact to help you with it. Continue reading to learn more.

Why Do Websites Need Maintenance 



Websites need maintenance due to security reasons. Keeping it updated will help you provide your customers the security they need without fear of being in a fake website. Plus, you get to continuously make the experience better by keeping the software updated and the codes intact.

Client Retention

Giving your website maintenance allows you to provide a better user experience to users visiting your site and gain their attention. Giving maintenance also allows you to fix broken links, change color palettes, or create a better browsing experience which makes people remain longer on the website.

What Happens When A Website Isn’t Maintained 


You May Lose Your Domain

In case you didn’t know, after a while, if a site isn’t maintained properly, or even fixed a little bit, you may lose your domain name. Along with losing your domain, your website is prone and will crash eventually. Keep in mind that, if your website isn’t maintained and you end up losing your domain name, over some time, you will have zero people visiting the site or enjoying it

You Can Be Hacked Easily

Another thing most people aren’t aware of are hacks. If a website isn’t maintained, the possibility of getting hacked is much higher. Business owners – big or small – who own websites are always the main target. They’re even more vulnerable to hacks when their website isn’t maintained. Robots on the internet will try to breach the information, accessing it and making you lose it forever.

Digital Instyle Helps Keep Your Website Up to Date

It might be challenging to find a reliable marketing agency that focuses on web maintenance, but we make it much easier. At Digital Instyle, you get everything you’re looking for. We’re a professional digital marketing agency and we specialize in website maintenance services.