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AdWords, also known as Google Ads, are a digital marketing tool created to display ads to promote your business online and keep track of the results. Although this is just one type of service inside the broad scope of digital marketing, if used strategically, it can help you scale your business in ways you never thought possible. 

How Does It Work?

As we previously mentioned, if managed and set up properly, AdWords can help you in many ways: increasing your traffic, creating your brand recognition, and generating sales. If you’re interested in using this competitive tool, we suggest to use the following tips:

Careful Keyword Selection

Take your time to investigate and write a list of potential keywords that are relevant to your audience. These keywords can be used on search engines to find your business. The Google keyword tool is the perfect place to start, and it’s totally free. Keep in mind that both positive and negative keywords are important, so search engines determine which to use and not to use. 

An Attractive Call to Action

Giving your potential customers an extra push to choose your ad is key to your campaign effectiveness. Don’t forget to keep your ad copy plain and simple. This plays a crucial role in your ad success. Calls to action such as: Buy Now, Get Yours, or Contact Us, are good options.

Results Tracking

You can accurately track the results of your campaigns using Google Analytics, which is an incredible tool that gathers all the necessary data and provides reports for you to analyze the strategy. All this information can be used to start other campaigns or change your current strategy.

Don’t Forget To Test

AdWords allows you to test your ad text and landing pages. Google will let you know which strategy works best or which position would generate more income. Testing also helps you save money in campaigns that would probably not work once released.

Looking for an AdWords Agency in Sydney?

If you need assistance with your online strategy and you’re looking for an AdWords Agency in Sydney to help you scale your business, Digital Instyle is right here for you. We provide quality digital marketing services with results-oriented projects and cost-effective prices. With us, you can guarantee exceptional customer service and a dedicated team committed to success.