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Your website is your presentation card in the digital era and the first interaction consumers have with your business. That’s why web design determines the user’s first impression of your brand and can greatly impact your company’s bottom line. Compared to other methods, websites are a low-cost marketing tool and can make a huge difference.

Technology changes fast, and website design trends are no different. Each year brings new features and new standards; websites design practices evolve continuously to stay current with search engines and users’ trends and demands. For your website to be effective in today’s world, you need to keep your website design updated.

For the past few years, web design trends would beam us into the sci-fi future and aspire to hi-tech. However, for this year, web designers are seeking new heights of realism. Overall, web designers want to show how much websites have become part of everyday life and blend the digital with the ordinary.

1. Abstract Art

Abstract shapes are being incorporated into complex compositions. In most cases, these art arrangements are taking the place of stock photography and illustrations. Their vibrant colors transmit energy, making web pages feel alive even if they lack human faces.

2. Parallax Animation

The rising popularity of web-based animations is undeniable. Parallax is the optical illusion that near objects are moving faster than those farther away. This year, they are getting more complex by separating page elements into foreground and background extremes, creating the said illusion. This animation looks to transform the computer screen into something like a theater stage.

3. Three-Dimensional Colors

Using color’s gradients and fine shading, web designers look to give a more natural and imperfect look to backgrounds similar to Apple’s Big Sur. The web design colors of this year are aspiring to higher realms of realism.

4. Scrolling Transformations

Scrolling transformations mean ramping up the feedback users get when they scroll and interact with the website. Web designers are taking the time to make each scroll feel like a new page and involve the user in what happens, making them more interested and engaged.

5. Digital Interpretations of Physical Products

Products are inspiring literal design elements through digital interpretations of physical media. For example, color smeared across a page like a nail polish. This makes the website feel more organic and creates a synergy between the website and the product.

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