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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a compelling long-term strategy in digital marketing when done correctly. Most small business owners face the dilemma of whether the effort, time, and money that SEO involves are worth it. The truth is, depending on the type of company, there is a very particular stage where SEO might be an excellent fit for your business.

Hiring an SEO Agency at the Startup vs. Later On

There is a lot to think about when working on your startup. It may seem like there is always one more thing to purchase, and quite some money goes out before it ever starts coming in from consumers. Marketing may be the last thing on your mind by the time everything else is done.

When launching a new website, you may want to see fast results and use a short-term call to action, like Pay-Per-Click (PPC). Even though PPC has immediate benefits, it has higher investment costs and has low long-term value.

Most people are aware that to make sales, you need to show up on search results, and sometimes it can be tempting to see what happens. However, a lack of a good SEO organization can cost you customers in the long run.

Hiring an SEO agency at the beginning of your website is excellent because designing your site with SEO in mind helps you create a marketing strategy from scratch; test what works for your business and what doesn’t with a clean slate (no spammy links, long URLs, duplicate pages, etc.), choose the right platform to develop your site, improve your website’s speed, and more. It can also help your brand build authority.

If you decided to go for faster results and invested in short-term call-to-action strategies at the very start, it doesn’t mean you can’t hire an SEO agency later. In fact, this is the strategy many companies adopt. Optimizing an existing website may be more difficult for an SEO specialist, but not impossible. It may make it more challenging for them to implement their strategy, harder to rank for more industry-related terms, get a low navigational experience, and therefore, a lower chance of visitor engagement.

Decided To Hire an SEO Agency?

New and old sites benefit from SEO services; it’s just easier and neater when implementing it from your website’s very beginning.

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