Boosting Patient Inquiries for KoolKatts Kids and Teens Therapy Service

About Kool KATTS

Multi disciplinary Paediatric Clinic in Parramatta.
Kids Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology and Psychology.

We help children from 0 – 16 years to achieve their developmental goals, become more independent, and thrive! Each child is offered support tailored to meet their specific needs and goals.

The Challenge:
KoolKatts, a pediatric occupational therapy practice in Parramatta, needed to increase their online visibility and attract more local clients in a competitive market.

The Solution:
We implemented a targeted SEO strategy tailored specifically for occupational therapy practices, focusing on local search optimization and enhancing overall online presence.

Key Results (March - May 2024)

  • Surge in Patient Inquiries:
    • 26% increase in phone calls from Google Business Profile
      10% growth in website clicks from Google Business Profile
  • Enhanced Local Visibility:
    • Google Business Profile interactions increased by 48%
      Consistent high number of profile impressions (around 1,500 per month
  • Targeted Website Traffic Growth:
    • Maintained steady organic search traffic of about 930 sessions per month
      18% increase in clicks for the practice’s name in search results
  • Significant Increase in Website Conversions:
    • 5% growth in mobile search impressions
  • Improved User Engagement:
    • Average time spent on the website increased from 44 to 49 seconds
      Engagement rate held steady at around 59%

Main Benefits for Your Business:

  • More potential patients are directly contacting KoolKatts, leading to increased appointment bookings.
  • Improved visibility in local searches, making it easier for nearby families to find KoolKatts when looking for OT services.
  • Consistent flow of potential clients visiting the website, with more people recognizing and searching for KoolKatts by name.
  • More website visitors are taking action, such as booking consultations or requesting information, directly impacting the practice’s patient acquisition.
  • Capturing more parents searching for OT services on their smartphones, a crucial factor as mobile searches continue to rise.

Key Takeaways for OT Practices:

  1. Local SEO Importance: Improving local search presence significantly increases visibility to nearby potential clients.
  2. Direct Patient Inquiries: Better online presence leads to more phone calls and website interactions from potential patients.
  3. Mobile Optimization: With more parents searching on mobile devices, a mobile-friendly online presence is crucial.
  4. Quality Traffic: Targeted SEO doesn’t just increase traffic – it brings in more qualified leads likely to convert into patients.
  5. Brand Recognition: Improved search performance for the practice’s name indicates growing brand awareness.

Over just three months, our SEO strategy significantly improved KoolKatts’ online visibility and directly contributed to business growth. With more patient inquiries, better local presence, and improved website performance, the practice is now reaching more potential clients in their area.

This case study demonstrates the substantial impact that a well-executed SEO strategy can have on an occupational therapy practice. By focusing on metrics that directly relate to patient acquisition and local visibility, KoolKatts has positioned itself for continued growth in a competitive market.

For OT practices looking to expand their patient base and establish a stronger online presence, a tailored SEO strategy can deliver measurable results in a relatively short timeframe.

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