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As our world continues to change, going digital is inevitable. The number of businesses striving for success through an online channel is increasing by the minute and one of the most vital requirements for any size business is an effective and purposeful website. Realising this is all it took for founder’s, Ra and Tere Williams, to follow their vision and aspire to influence our digital future. From here, Digital Instyle was born.

Meet the Digital Instyle team……

About Ra

As the creative, techy member of our team, Ra is responsible for the development and maintenance of all websites, managing client relationships and service execution.

Most recently working as a Virtual Website Designer, her entrepreneurial thirst kicked in.  Ra wanted to make a difference in the digital online space and share her practical creativity.  To achieve this, she had to go out on her own.

Ra brings 12+ years of experience in corporate travel management across New Zealand, Australia and the UK (London).  Having managed accounts like Macquarie Bank, Goldman Sachs and Universal Music, Ra brings her adaptability,  professional attitude and project management skills to Digital Instyle.

Ra is the team member that always has new ideas.  Sometimes we wonder how she sleeps!  Learning is in her DNA and as a mother, her aim in life is to inspire.  Quite the baker, Ra also loves spending time in the kitchen with her daughter creating treats and never passes up quality time with her friends and family.


About Tere

Tere manages the accounts, legal department, and quality control.  Based in Kalgoorlie, this also gives Digital Instyle a footprint in Western Australia.

Tere’s career spans over 30 years in administration working across diverse industries including legal, media, mining and education throughout Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and Australia.

With a fascination for the inner workings of the world wide web, Tere is currently completing a qualification in website design and digital marketing to support the growth of Digital Instyle.

Leading a fit and healthy lifestyle Tere ensures she maintains work life balance and dedicates her personal time to her family.

Digital Instyle aims to deliver quality competitive products, with a motivation to maximise your website results whilst generating a profitable income for your business. We achieve this by offering a transparent and personal one to one service and understanding your strategic plan, to ensure you soar ahead of your competition.


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